Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Looking vs. Leaping

So my Facebook feed was filled today with dance friends wishing other dance friends Happy Leap Day. For those not afflicted with an addiction to Highland and Irish dance, the leap is basically the It Move.

Source: via Ally on Pinterest

Source: via Ally on Pinterest

There's plenty of blood, sweat and tears that goes into the kind of thing you see in those images.  But there's also a kind of mental "letting go" that has to happen -- a willingness to trust that you can stretch yourself to your absolute limit and that you probably WON'T fall flat on your ass (although, even if you did, wouldn't it be worth it to fly like that?)

So you know what? 
Let's all play!

YES, you need to "look before you leap". YES, you must carefully consider major decisions. YES, it's crucial to evaluate your path in life. But at some point, the so-called "moment of truth", you simply absolutely have to just DO it.

There's a reason that slogan has sold a billion pairs of sneakers for Nike.

So this year, I will not just be looking.  I will not stifle myself with excessive introspection (just the right amount ;) ).  I will not forget to leap.

Happy Leap Day, friends.


  1. Wonderful post filled with inspiration and a terrific pic of the dancers!

    There are times in life when a bit of caution is definitely helpful (I'm thinking about the time when I bought a timeshare, and definitely should have pondered more before I leapt into THAT decision.)

    But for the most part, I agree. Take life by the horns, enjoy and ... be happy!