Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Blank Slate

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Well, we did it.

We sold it. The "forever house" we first saw in June 2008 during a whirlwind tour from real estate agent extraordinaire Shawn Lackie (the same fella who sold it for us just now).  The house I changed careers in. The house we brought the Sprout home to.  The house where I spent many a night watching the sun go down over our neighbour's barn and many a morning standing at the same window feeling blessed just to be where I was.  The house where we raised chickens out back, grew our own wheat and Peanut used to prefer carrots she picked herself over ice cream in the summer.  When we moved in, I swore they'd have to pry the keys from my cold dead hands.

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But life changes, yeah? Phil got a great opportunity in Winnipeg, and amazingly enough it came along with an equally great opportunity for me.  So we packed up our forever house in January 2011 and moved west. And after one year on the market our little farmhouse has been sold to a lovely new family (I'm happy for it. Is it weird to be happy for a house? I hope they get chickens.)

Don't be sad! We're not. Surprisingly, inside this Ontarian was a prairie girl this whole time (who knew?) I thought I'd miss the rolling hills and hidden lakes of the Kawarthas but the sky goes ALL THE WAY to the ground out here.  And best of all the "country life" we want is more possible than it's ever been..... and now we can finally get started on it.

Selling a house made me feel like Han Solo at the end of Empire Strikes Back --- frozen in time AND kinda freaked out.

But we've got our fresh start now. Blank slate. Wait till you see what we're going to do with it.

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  1. I miss the peg. The ridiculously hot summers and the equally cold winters with snow up to my nose. The friendly people and the memories.